Module 1: Articulating the Need for a School-Based Health Center

This module articulates the need for school-based health centers and provides the necessary resources to help you decide if starting a school-based health center is right for your school district. If you are ready to start a school-based health center, the tools in this module will help you articulate the need to potential key partners.

Assessing the need for SBHC Services (CHI)
An assessment from the Colorado Health Institute identifies schools and school districts that could most benefit from the addition of a school-based health center. The project was a partnership between CHI, the Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care (CASBHC) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. - Colorado Health Institute

Differences Between School Nurse & SBHC
SBHCs and school nurses know that healthy students learn better. This 2 page document shares a quick overview of the similarities and differences between SBHCs and school nurses. - School Based Health Alliance

Factsheet on the Benefits of School-Based Health Centers
It is well accepted that healthy children make better learners and research supports a connection between health status and academic performance. Students and teachers alike say that School-Based Health Centers make a difference because they take health issues out of the classroom and into the hands of qualified medical professionals. - Colorado Association of School Based Health Care

The Evolving Role of SBHCs in Colorado
With legislative approval of $5.3 million in funding for fiscal year 2013-14, an increase of $4.3 million from the prior year, it is expected that Colorado will see the creation of new SBHCs in areas of high need and the expansion of some existing SBHCs.This report is based on a survey taken in October 2013 in which 51 of the 54 SBHCs in operation during the 2012-13 school year responded. - The Colorado Health Foundation

Benefits of SBHCs FAQ
This tool provides a list of frequently asked questions regarding school based health centers.

Benefit of SBHCs (Community Guide Factsheet)
This factsheet outlines the findings of The Community Preventive Services Task Force's systematic review of 46 SBHCs. The Task Force recommends the implementation and maintenance of school-based health centers (SBHCs) in low-income communities, based on sufficient evidence of effectiveness in improving educational and health outcomes.

School Based Health Centers and Academic Success
SBHCs - the convergence of public health, primary care, and mental health - provide an optimal setting to foster learning readiness and academic achievement while giving children the resources they need to improve their health. This one page document highlights the facts about SBHCs and academic success. - School Based Health Alliance

The Impact of School-Connected Behavioral and Emotional Health Interventions on Student Academic Performance
Over the past decade, interest in behavioral health promotion and early intervention programs has increased and support to include schools as settings for behavioral and emotional health activities has expanded. This annotated bibliography identifies recent empirical studies and reviews linking behavioral health promotion and prevention interventions with student academic outcomes. - The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools

School Based Health Centers and Pediatric Practice Policy Statement
Some pediatricians have concerns that SBHCs are in conflict with the primary care provider’s medical home. This policy provides an overview of SBHCs and some of their documented benefits, addresses the issue of potential conflict with the medical home, and provides recommendations that support the integration and coordination of SBHCs and the pediatric medical home practice. - Pediatrics

School Based Health Centers: Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Impact on Health Care Disparities
This cost-benefit analysis highlights why SBHCs should be seen as a health service delivery model to help address a lack of accessing timely care for disadvantaged students. SBHCs address problems regarding transportation, lack of nearby providers, lack of providers accepting public insurance, and parental difficulties getting time away from work to take a child to the doctor, which in turn helps parents retain employment and helps employers increase worker productivity. - American Journal of Public Health

CASBHC General Video 
An overview video of the services and benefits of school based health centers in Colorado. - The Colorado Health Foundation

Student Health Impact on Academics
A 5 minute video discussing what it really takes to help kids succeed in school and in life. The social, physical, mental, and emotional health of students affects their behavior and their academics. - The Colorado Education Initiative


The BluePrint for SBHCs
The Blueprint is a member resource to help guide you as you design, operationalize, and expand your SBHC to meet the needs of your students and community. A paid membership provides full access to the BluePrint. - School Based Health Alliance

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