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Health Care in Schools Makes a Difference


In 2021, CASBHC secured more than $7 million in funds distributed directly to school-based health centers (SBHCs) and contributed another $875,000 of in-kind resources. In the last school year, approximately 38,000 children and adolescents received primary care, behavioral health services, and oral health services through SBHCs in communities with the greatest needs in Colorado. 

When the health care needs of young people are met at school, they are more likely to succeed in school, and their parents miss less work.


Your donation to the CASBHC supports advocacy for new and existing SBHCs to reach more young people and continue to enhance the quality of care. Thank you for your support!



We believe that every child should receive the care necessary to optimize health and wellness.

We believe that access to school-based health care will improve health equity among children and youth.

We believe that good health is essential for student success.

We believe that school-based health centers are uniquely positioned to help students and families gain the knowledge and skills needed to make healthy choices.

We believe school-based health centers are a wise investment.

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