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School-based health centers (SBHCs) provide needed health care services in school communities with the greatest needs. More than 35,000 students receive primary care, behavioral health, and oral health services annually in 70 SBHCs in Colorado.

In 2022, CASBHC secured over $7 million in funds distributed directly to SBHCs, and provided many hours of training and professional development, technical assistance, advocacy, and growing the number of SBHCs.


There are three types of CASBHC membership. Each type is based on a membership year of January 1 to December 31. 


SBHC Operating Organization Members are entities primarily responsible for operating one or more school-based health centers in Colorado. Dues for a SBHC Operating Organization are based on the number of SBHCs it operates.

SBHC-Like Model Operating Organization Members are entities that are supporting new models of care off school grounds, though serving the school community. Such examples include school-linked care, mobile health care, and telehealth school spokes. $250 will be the blanket amount for each category (not per site).


Associate Members are organizations or individuals that support CASBHC’s mission and goals and that are not eligible for the Sponsoring Organization Membership. Current levels begin at $250.


SBHC OPERATING  Organization Members

Number of SBHCs             Dues

Start-Up                              $250

1-3 SBHCs                           $500

4-8 SBHCs                           $1,000

9+ SBHCs                            $2,000


 Benefits vary based on the level at which you join, and include such things as access to our webinars, professional development opportunities, access to grants managed at CASBHC, assurance that CASBHC will represent your organization at the Capitol, discounts for consulting and our annual conference, and more.

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