Module 2: Planning School-Based Health Centers

This module provides resources to start planning the fundamental components necessary to open a SBHC. These include partnership development, needs assessments, and business model development.


Manual for Opening a School-Based Health Center in Colorado, Updated December 2021

This manual is intended to serve as a guide for school administrators, health professionals, parents of school‐aged children, and other stakeholders who desire to provide an integrated approach to addressing the health care needs of students in their community. It is intended to be a tool for those considering opening a school‐based health center (SBHC) as a possible solution for unmet needs.


SBHC Planning Grant Timeline/Tasks
A sample work plan of essential tasks to complete during the SBHC planning period. Major activities include planning grant application, needs assessment, community relations, location development, service delivery planning and budget development. - Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care


Checklist for Starting A School-Based Health Center
Checklist of essential tasks for opening a new SBHC. The 22-step checklist includes high-level tasks such as stakeholder engagement, needs assessment, operational and business plans, and clinical protocol. - Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care


General Organizational Chart Example

Sample organization chart demonstrating the relationship between key partners in an SBHC. - Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care

SBHC Organizational Chart
Northside Child Health Center SBHC organizational chart depicts partner relationships and roles/responsibilities. - Northside Child Health Center


These documents serve as templates or samples ONLY and any legally binding document should be reviewed by a qualified attorney. All Word versions of these documents are stored on our Google Drive.

Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between a School and Medical Sponsor
Template for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between a school district and medical sponsor. Includes responsibilities for each entity during the implementation and operation of the SBHC.

School District/SBHC Sponsor Memorandum of Understanding (single site)
MOU detailing each entity's roles and responsibilities in the operation of the SBHC. - Eagle County School District 50J and Doctors Plus

Memorandum of Understanding with Multi-Partner Organizations
Operating agreement template for MOU detailing each entity's role and responsibilities in the operation of multiple SBHCs.

Letter of Interest for Medical Sponsor
Letter of Interest Request for SBHC Medical Sponsor- Template request for Letters of Interest from medical organizations interested in serving as a medical sponsor for a SBHC. Requests basic information from potential partners regarding their interest in serving as a medical sponsor, description of current services offered, anticipated services to be offered at SBHC and current location.

Request for Proposals for Medical Sponsor
RFP to solicit lead agencies or medical sponsors for a school district's SBHC. RFP includes general terms and conditions, special condition, bid proposal form and statement of work.

Medical Director Services Agreement
Agreement between SBHC sponsor and Medical Director detailing roles and responsibilities of each entity. - Kids Care Clinic in Avon

Mental Health Partner and SBHC Memorandum of Understanding
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among Aurora Public Schools, Aurora Mental Health Center and Rocky Mountain Youth Clinic to establish and maintain their working relationships and implementation of the Aurora Central SBHC. - Aurora Public Schools

Oral Health Partner and SBHC Memorandum of Understanding
Comprehensive toolkit of resources for integrating oral health components into a SBHC's policy and practice. Key components of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) are provided on pages 10-11 and a sample MOU is on page 38. - Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care

Relationship between SBHC and School Nurse
The sample agreement delineates communication, coordination and key responsibilities.

Relationship between SBHC and School Social Worker
The sample agreement delineates communication, coordination and key responsibilities.

Assessing the need for SBHC Services (CHI)
Adolescent Reproductive Health Toolkit that describes several frameworks for youth engagement to facilitate youth advocacy for reproductive health services in SBHCs. Describes youth advocacy and its effectiveness and providers several tools and resources. - Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care


Needs Assessment Template

Comprehensive needs assessment template to be used by planning sites and updated every three years. Includes information on medical sponsor, school district, school community, larger community, perceived health needs of students, parents, school staff/faculty, community members and provider agencies. - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 2015

General Survey Tools
Sample surveys to assess students' health service needs and guide development of SBHC programs and services. Various surveys for students (grades 5-12), parents, teachers/faculty, and community partners.

Kids Care Clinic Survey Tools
Parent, student, school staff and community survey to assess current and potential patients use of clinic, health needs and marketing messages. - Kids Care Clinic in Avon

Section 330 Health Center Mapping Tools
A interactive, web-based tool designed to help assess the geographic reach, penetration, and growth of U.S. federal (Section 330) Health Center Program (HCP) grantees and look-alikes. - Uniform Data System (UDS) Mapper

Community Mapping Tool
A variety of web-based interactive tool and maps with thousands of meaningful data layers that allow mapping and reporting capabilities so you can thoroughly explore community health. Allows users to review pre-developed maps or create their own. Includes a Vulnerable Populations Footprint tool helps identify areas of a community with specific levels of educational attainment and poverty. - Community Commons


Engineering Sustainable SBHCs Graphic
Graphic depiction of the most important characteristics of strong and thriving SBHCs into three aspects of a sustainable program: strong partnerships: sound business model and high quality practice. - School-Based Health Alliance

Key Components of a Business Plan
PowerPoint presentation on key components in a business plan. Includes information on developing a business identify, market analysis, operational description, target population, marketing plan, and financial projections. - Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care

Business Plan Statement
A 4-year business plan template to help launch a new or expanded SBHC program. The template was used during the foundation 2009-2013 SBHC initiative, yet remains relevant to any organization planning a SBHC. Each business plan component is explained and additional resources are recommended. - The Colorado Health Foundation

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Quality Standards for SBHCs (Revised February 2017)
Comprehensive list of SBHC standards, including core requirements, sponsorship requirements, program operations, and program core elements and levels. These standards are used by CDPHE to determine state SBHC program funding awards. - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Toolkit
Publication to help design an outreach and enrollment strategy that meets the needs of the students, school and community. The toolkit includes essential outreach and enrollment components, three outreach and enrollment models, marketing efforts and potential revenue sources for outreach efforts. - Colorado Association for School-Based Health Care

Starting a SBHC